Which social media sites have been banned by Facebook?

Facebook has recently come under scrutiny for its use of algorithms to keep tabs on what users post on the site.

Now the company has come under fire for allowing social media to influence political opinions, as well as for encouraging the spread of propaganda and other harmful content.

Facebook banned several social media companies from the platform earlier this year after the company found a way to target ads to certain users based on their political affiliation, according to Ars Technic’s Andrew Harnik.

In March, Facebook removed a series of controversial conservative and libertarian social media platforms that promoted hate speech.

Now, the social media company is facing the ire of civil rights advocates for allowing these platforms to continue to exist on its platform.

According to Ars, Facebook is currently banning the following social media services: The Daily Stormer, an anti-Semitic site; The American Renaissance, a neo-Confederate site; and The Rebel Media, a white nationalist website.

All four of these sites are associated with the Traditionalist Worker Party, which the company believes is a “far-right terrorist organization.”

The Daily Caller reported that the Daily Stormers founder Alex Jones has been banned from Facebook following a number of posts that contained inflammatory language, including some that used the hashtag “#WhiteGenocide.”

Facebook has also blocked The DailyStormer for promoting hate speech and has banned the American Renaissance.

According the Daily Caller, The Daily Rebel has been blocked by Facebook for posting inflammatory content, including an article about President Donald Trump.

It has also been banned for inciting violence.

In addition to the bans, Facebook has been accused of censoring The Rebel for promoting violence.

The Daily News also reported that The DailyRebel.com, an online news site that includes links to articles on the American National Socialist Party, was also removed by Facebook.

Ars Technick has reached out to Facebook for comment and will update this article if we hear back.

Ars also reached out directly to the company for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

The Verge has reached a number people with direct knowledge of the situation.

We will update the story with any additional information we receive.

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