When should you check your social security card?

The Social Security Administration recently released an update to its “social proof” guidelines, which require businesses to provide a picture of their employees or potential employees to prove they are working or looking for work.

In addition, they also have an update for employers to verify employees’ Social Security numbers.

While employers need to check the number and expiration date, the new requirements also require employers to keep a record of how often they check employees’ social security numbers and verify whether they are eligible to receive disability benefits.

The Social Services Administration recently said it will be reviewing the guidelines.

It’s a little-noticed change from a year ago, when the Social Security office released a document titled “Social Security Social Proof: How to Get Social Security Numbers.”

The updated guidelines include a link to a page on the Social Services Agency website that provides instructions on how to check a social security number.

The updated rules do not address the question of whether employers should check social security records, which the Social Service Agency says is a “potential privacy violation.”