What is the Hampton Social? Here’s what you need to know

Posted July 08, 2018 09:50:10 What is Hampton Social, you ask?

It’s the social networking app Hampton introduced with its original $3.99 per month membership in April, 2018.

It’s now available for free with the new $10.99 “Hampton Club” subscription.

But, if you’re a frequent user, it may not be for you.

The free, year-long Hampton Club membership costs $10, but the full year membership can be purchased for $19.99, which comes to $60 per year.

That’s a lot of money, especially if you already have a $10 monthly payment, but it’s worth it for what it offers.

The new $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, $70, $80, $90, $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, $600, $700, $800, $900, $1000, $2000, $3000, $4000, $5000, $6000, $7000, $8000, $9000, and $10000 subscriptions are all more or less the same, but with a few different features.

For example, the $100-per-month “Hamptons Social” is an additional $10 in the “Ham” portion of the name, whereas the $50-per -month “Pioneers” is just a bit more.

The $20-per member also gets access to all of Hampton’s other popular apps like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, but you can only get access to the first of these two.

The “Phenomenal” subscription is the “newest” and most expensive of the bunch, at $40 per month, but that’s only if you subscribe for the full calendar year.

And the “New Hampton” subscription will be available until June 2020.

If you subscribe and you’re not sure how much you’ll pay for the app, we recommend taking a look at the $2.99/month “Gifts” subscription which offers the same basic functionality, but for a price tag of $9.99.

It comes with access to a free Hampton account, but only $3 per month.

That gives you access to more social networks, more photos, and a bunch of other goodies, but if you want to save the most for a rainy day, you can also get a discount for each subsequent calendar year and add on additional services like the $200-per month “Gift Card” which gives you one free gift per month for life.

We think this is a pretty decent deal, especially since Hampton has been on a pretty steady decline in popularity in recent years, with only about 5% of people still paying for its basic membership.

However, the company does offer a “limited edition” plan with additional services, and the $15-per person “Hamsters Club” is the cheapest of the three options.

You get unlimited photo storage, unlimited messaging, and access to Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Pinterest for just $3 a month, which is the same as what the $10-per “Penguins” or $20-$30 “Prestons” plan costs.

There are a few caveats, though.

First, it’s only available to the new “Hamster” membership, which costs $9, but since you can already get a “Hamtons Social,” you don’t need to get a $2/month membership to join.

Second, the “Gifted” membership is only available for the first three years of the subscription, but once you get to 10 years, you get the $3/month option.

Third, if the “Pegasus” membership plan comes in the next few months, you’ll have access to free photo storage for your photo albums, but also get access the first year of the “Limited Edition” plan.

The full $80-per user package is a good deal, and it offers some great perks like unlimited messaging and a free GoPro camera and accessories for life, but don’t forget that you have to add on other subscription services to get access.

That is, if your favorite app is Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, but your Facebook account is still not set up for Instagram.

You will be charged for those services, but Hampton is giving you access even if you don ‘t have Instagram.

So, if Instagram isn’t in your photo album, you will still get access, but without the Instagram app.

Finally, the best part is that you get access for life to Instagram and other popular social networks like Twitter, Snapchat, and Viber, as well as the new Pinterest.

So if you love Pinterest, you know that this is the app for you, and that means you can take advantage of its new “insta-follow” feature, which will automatically create a “favorite” feed for you to follow as you scroll through your favorite

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