What is Social Security and how much is it worth?

Social Security, a federal government program for the elderly and disabled, is one of the oldest in the US.

It was created in 1935 to provide assistance to low-income Americans, especially people who are not able to work.

Since then, the program has grown from $9 trillion in the early 1930s to nearly $5.5 trillion today.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) administers the program.

For more than 50 years, Social Security has been an important part of the US economy.

However, it’s been hit hard by the recession and the Great Recession.

The average Social Security payment is about $102,000 in 2018.

However you can receive it, there are different types of benefits, and the program is funded by payroll taxes.

Here’s what you need to know about Social Security.


Social Security Benefits and Benefits Type Benefits You can receive Social Security benefits, known as earned income, even if you’re disabled or have an older relative.

The benefit can vary depending on your age, your job, and how long you’ve been working.

There are two types of Social Security: a basic benefit, or earned income that you can earn, and a benefit that’s known as a disability benefit.

You can get a basic Social Security benefit, which pays for medical and dental expenses up to a certain limit, up to $113,400, for a single person or up to two adults.

Basic Social Security pays for things like food, rent, utilities, and other basic expenses.

For a disability, you can get an additional $1,000 per month to help cover medical and living expenses.

You also get a lump sum payment of $6,000 to cover your medical expenses for a year, and up to one year of living expenses for your family.

A disability benefit is considered a payment of income, not a benefit, and is only paid on a monthly basis.

You may qualify for disability benefits if you’ve had work-related disabilities that prevent you from receiving basic benefits.

Social security also provides a maximum monthly benefit of $102 for each person over age 65.

The maximum benefit you can collect is $2,600 for a married couple or $3,600 per person for a head of household.

You’ll also be able to claim a special benefit for children and dependents under age 18.

You need to work for a job to get a benefit.

If you’re eligible for the maximum amount of Social and Medicare benefits, you may be able claim the benefit on your taxes.

You have to show that you’ve worked at least half your job’s regular hours.

To qualify for the benefit, you must have worked 50 hours a week for at least six months in the 12 months before you apply.


Social Benefits for Older Workers Social Security can also help pay for other kinds of retirement benefits for older workers.

Social and medicare benefits are paid on your behalf when you retire.

However a retiree with Social Security or Medicare benefits can claim a retirement income tax credit if they’re 65 or older.

If they’re over 65, they can claim the same retirement income credit if their total earnings are less than $118,500 in 2018 for a couple or over $116,200 for a family.

However the Social Security tax credit is only available for people over age 60.

For example, a 65-year-old with Social security and Medicare can claim $8,000 on their tax return.


How Much Does Social Security Pay for?

Social Security is a government program that was created to help low- and moderate-income people and people who want to retire with the hope that they can find work.

It’s important to remember that most of the money that goes into Social Security goes toward benefits, not tax payments.

That’s why the program doesn’t cover all types of costs, including health care.

Social workers who are helping you get your life together should look into how much they’re likely to need from Social Security in order to help you pay for your own retirement.

The amount you can expect to receive depending on the type of benefit is shown on the chart below.

Some benefits are only available to the low income, and are not counted as taxable income.

In other cases, you might be able use the benefits to cover a significant portion of your health care costs.


Benefits and Types of Benefits The Social security program is divided into four main types of benefit: the basic, the earned, the disability, and special.

The basic Social security benefit is the maximum benefit that you receive.

It pays for the medical and/or dental expenses for the next 30 years.

The earned benefit is for the amount of money you earn over the course of your lifetime.

This is what you can claim on your tax return, and it’s the amount you’ll be required to pay if you are disabled or you die before age 65 and you’re under age 70.

The disability benefit covers the costs of a caregiver to care for an older

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