Trump: Social Security is a ‘fraud’

Donald Trump says Social Security benefits are a “fraud” and “the best in the world,” and that “there’s no way we can keep it” because it “is the biggest waste of money in this country.”

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Trump said the program “has a very, very, big flaw,” that the program benefits the “rich and the powerful.”

Trump said he’d like to see the program’s benefits extended, but he’s not optimistic because “there are people who are living on it, they’re making millions and millions of dollars” and the program would be “destroyed” if he does that.

Blitzer: What about the people who have a Social Security number?

Trump: I have a very good idea of what the benefits are.

And it’s a fraud, because people have a number.

So they call up and they say, hey, I have Social Security.

And if I don’t get a number, it goes to the federal government, and if I do get a phone number, they get a check.

It’s a total fraud.

Blitzer: So you would not extend the program?

Trump the billionaire: That’s right, it’s not a fraud.

They have a phone, and the checks.

And they have their number, but they have it wrong.

It goes to Washington, DC, and they get it wrong, and then they get the check.

Blitz: How many people do you think have their Social Security numbers wrong?

Trump says that he’s “certainly not sure,” but that he has “seen” that “millions and millions” of people are receiving benefits.

He also said that “if you don’t take care of Social Security, it will all come to a screeching halt.”

Trump is correct that the Social Security program has a lot of problems.

But he’s wrong to suggest that it’s an easy fix.

To start with, Social Security beneficiaries don’t have to get a job or go to college, as Trump says.

The program has been criticized for not providing enough help to people who want to work but can’t because of disability or other reasons.

As a result, the program has seen a lot more people receiving benefits than expected.

In addition, the Social Services Administration has been struggling to deal with a surge in calls and letters to the agency about the need to make adjustments to the program, and as a result some of the money being spent to make those adjustments is going to benefit the wealthy and powerful, not people like you and me.

Trump also says that “we’re taking the wealthy” and that it will “destroy” Social Security if he tries to extend benefits.

To get an idea of just how bad things have been, the numbers are actually worse than the CBO projected, which said that the number of Social Services claims would have declined by 14.5% under the Trump plan.

That would be about half of the number expected under the plan.

The Social Security Administration’s website says that the claims numbers have declined over the past three years by 0.8% and that the benefits claims rate has declined by 2.4%.

The Social Services administration also says there are no plans to adjust benefits for people with preexisting conditions, which has also been criticized.

Trump also says he would cut benefits to “low-income seniors” and reduce the number who receive benefits.

That’s wrong.

Under the Trump program, people with incomes above $200,000 are entitled to $9,800 in Social Security disability benefits, which is more than double the poverty level, while people who earn below $20,000 get a much smaller amount.

Trump says that Social Security payments will not rise in response to the Trump budget.

He also says the program is not a revenue generator.

That is true.

But that doesn’t mean it’s bad money.

Social Security has generated about $18.5 trillion in benefits over the last century.

The Trump administration’s budget also says it’s proposing cuts to other programs, like education and Medicare, which have been criticized by advocates and economists for cutting programs that are critical to the well-being of working families.

But those are not necessarily bad cuts to the budget.

The CBO, in fact, says that Trump’s budget would save $2.5 billion in 2019 over the current program.

Trump’s plan would also save about $8.2 billion over the next decade.

Trump’s budget includes $1.1 trillion for a new border wall and $1 trillion to upgrade the nation’s roads and bridges.

It also includes $6 billion to modernize the military and veterans health care system.