Socialist leader says US has lost its moral compass

Socialist leader and former U.S. president Bernie Sanders has said the United States is losing its moral and political compass and should move to socialism.

Sanders said Tuesday in a speech at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington that the country was headed for an economic, social and political disaster and should embrace a socialist future.

“We have lost the moral and economic compass of this country,” Sanders said in his speech at a conference on the global economy and social issues.

“The political compass has also been lost.”

The speech came as Sanders’ political organization, Our Revolution, released a statement calling for the resignation of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The group said that Clinton was “trying to use her political power to advance the interests of Wall Street and the super-rich.”

The United States has lost the ability to defend itself against a rising China, Sanders said.

Sanders, who is the first independent to run for president, said the country needs a socialist “path to prosperity” that would include free college tuition and a guarantee of healthcare for all.

But Sanders also said the American people have “lost the confidence” in the economic policies of the Democratic party and the media.

Sanders was speaking at a symposium on the economy and Social Issues hosted by the institute.

The event was co-sponsored by The Atlantic magazine and the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank.

The United Nations has called on the United Kingdom to adopt a socialist economy.

Sanders said that is a possibility, but that the United Nations should “do what is right” by adopting a socialist economic system.

The Sanders campaign said in a statement Tuesday that Sanders has been “right on economic issues” for decades.

The former president said his own political philosophy was based on a socialist system.

Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, said that his views are consistent with those of the American labor movement.

He has advocated for a living wage, the end of corporate tax loopholes, raising the minimum wage, guaranteeing a basic income for all and ending the use of foreign aid for social programs.

Sanders has said he supports universal healthcare for every person in the country.

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