Social contract definition for new software

CBS News is reporting that a social contract definition is being developed to define software that can be used in a social context.

The definition is the work of two researchers at the University of New South Wales, who have published their work in a recent issue of The Journal of Computational Science.

The study, “A social contract for social computing”, suggests a system of social rules, and a set of social contracts that govern the interaction between users.

The researchers define social contracts as rules that govern what is allowed to happen within a network, and it includes rules about the size of social networks, rules about how social information should be shared, rules on how to share and protect social media, and rules on what kinds of information should not be shared or protected.

The team behind the work said they wanted to define a social protocol that would be used to allow a software developer to design software to provide social features for their applications.

The work was supported by the Australian Research Council and by the University, with funding from the Australian National University.

This story is the latest in a series on social media.