Palestinian Authority: We want peace, but we need an end to the occupation

The Palestinian Authority on Friday accused Israel of attempting to “strangle” the Palestinian Authority in its “strategic efforts” and of creating conditions that are “so perilous that they could lead to the collapse of the Palestinian people.”

“The occupation has created a situation where the PA is under constant siege,” Fatah spokesman Saeb Erekat said in a statement.

“This is a strategic mistake that is leading to a Palestinian people with no security or stability.”

He added that the PA’s “strategy is to end the occupation with peace and security.”

The PA’s statement comes amid growing tensions in the Palestinian territories over the planned construction of a new Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, with the new construction likely to threaten the Palestinians’ ability to govern themselves and further isolate them from their Arab neighbors.

Netanyahu, who has been criticized for failing to bring an end in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, said he had no choice but to impose “security measures” on the Palestinians in response to their actions, which he called a “terrorist” attack.

He said the PA was “working to secure the lives of Palestinians” and called on Israel to “immediately cease its illegal actions and withdraw from all occupied territories.”

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