India: ‘Social Security Statement is a very big deal for people’

India’s government has said the government will present a social security statement on Thursday on the economic and fiscal policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

It has also been reported that the statement will detail the economic changes announced by the government during the past 12 months.

Modi, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, came to power on a promise to tackle the social problems of the nation.

In March last year, the government released a social welfare programme called ‘GST-1’ which is a one-time lump sum payment of Rs 1,000 per month to people who are above a certain threshold.

The scheme is meant to cover people with a disability, widows, parents of dependent children and dependent children under 18.

Under the scheme, a beneficiary can apply for a benefit of Rs 2,000, which the government collects annually.

In January this year, Modi announced a package of reforms to ensure better benefits for the poor and help them work.

According to a report in The Times Of India, a person with a handicap can receive Rs 500 a month from the government.

Modis government also introduced a programme for the elderly, providing a cash transfer of Rs 15,000 to those 65 and above and a monthly cash allowance of Rs 20,000.

In the first phase of the programme, the payments were made to people under the age of 65, but in the second phase, payments were also made to those over 65.

The government also announced an income-contingent pension scheme, which will be available to people over 60.

The new policy also aims to make sure that those under 65 are not excluded from benefits.

It aims to reduce poverty and inequality by providing more financial support to the poor, said a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office.

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