I’m a social psychologist: My research suggests it’s better to be realistic about your life

You’re not going to get a perfect score in social psychology, and you’re probably not going as far as you think you are in predicting the outcomes of social events.

But it seems the more you think about it, the more likely you are to make the correct predictions.

What this research shows is that social science can be very important to your success.

The truth is, we can only predict what’s going to happen, not what’s best for us.

That’s why social science is so important, because you’re not just going to be right all the time.

It’s important to make sense of the world around you and to be able to make a judgement call about how to respond to the world.

And what this research also suggests is that when you’re making decisions, you’re better off being realistic about what the future holds for you.

This article originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.