How to spot social engineering attacks on social media

Caja Social, Mexico’s largest mobile phone service provider, has been attacked more than 100 times since July 10.

The company says the attacks were made with the goal of damaging its reputation and making it difficult for users to make and receive payments.

It says the cyberattacks are the result of a cyberattack on its systems and were not part of a sophisticated cyber espionage operation.

Caja Social was hit in a coordinated attack with five of its major suppliers and three of its mobile phone networks, a Caja spokesperson told ABC News.

The five mobile phone companies involved have not yet responded to ABC News’ requests for comment.

“In the face of such unprecedented attacks, we have adopted a new strategy to combat cybercrime.

In particular, we are implementing a new social engineering attack prevention and protection policy that will be implemented nationwide and across all our operations, including our mobile service providers, to help protect the reputation of our services and the safety of our users,” Caja said in a statement.

The statement didn’t mention the specific mobile phone providers.

Caja has a reputation for strong cybersecurity and its CEO, Miguel Dominguez, said his company was responding to the attack.

Dominguez also said the attack on Caja would not affect the company’s mobile service.

“We have been working with our mobile providers to implement the social engineering mitigation policies to help our users protect their personal information and the security of our data.

We are working with the government and with the authorities to understand the full scope of the attack and to understand who is behind it,” he said.

The attack on the Caja network was not the first time the company has been hit.

In February, Caja suffered a massive cyberattack in which the company lost access to all its online banking accounts.

The attack took place after a Cephas Group security company discovered that the Cepha Group had compromised its networks, including its mobile network.

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