How to protect yourself from cyberbullying in the US

With cyberbullies coming after everyone, it’s no wonder the average American spends more time on Facebook than at home.

But what about people who don’t have the time or energy to put in hours per day on social media?

And what about those who have no time for social distancing?

What can you do?

To protect yourself, here are some tips to help keep you and your family safe online.

For those who don´t have time to spend an hour per day in front of their computers, there are plenty of social distanced signs you can place on your home, car, or office.

The most important thing is to keep your home and workplace safe.

Here are some simple tips to keep people safe online:1.

Don’t go to places you can’t be seen.

Social distancing signs are best at work or in public places.

It’s important to keep things in mind while you’re at work.2.

Stay away from places where you might be able to see your face.

This includes the mall, a restaurant, and public areas in a public place like a school or shopping mall.3.

Avoid places where others might be looking at you.

If you can avoid people, you can still be seen, even if they are not looking at your face or body.4.

Be careful when using social media sites or mobile devices to talk to others.

People may not always know that you’re on the other end of a conversation, so if you need to get to someone and they’re not looking your way, make sure you don’t make eye contact or say something rude.5.

Use common sense.

If a friend is having trouble connecting with you, try asking a friend or family member to talk with them.

This will help avoid the possibility of them seeing your face on the screen and making you feel uncomfortable.6.

Stay in your own space.

Don´t hang around with people who are too close or who are in the same room.

Make sure your space is quiet and you don´tea your computer or smartphone in a corner.7.

Donât be a social coward.

Even if you are able to ignore people who look at you, make a plan to not talk to them or make eye-contact when you can.8.

Use social distance signs wisely.

Don\’t put up signs that say you´re going to school or work on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

These are not the most important steps to take in preventing online bullying, but they are important steps.

To keep yourself safe online, follow these steps:1.- Use socialdistancing signs to stay in your personal space.2.- Use common distancing signals when you’re alone in a room.3.- Use a safe online presence if you´ve used your phone or computer to communicate with someone.4.- Avoid places that might have someone looking at or listening to you.5.- Use smart filtering to keep yourself and your friends from being drawn into a conversation with someone who looks at or looks at you or uses your voice.6.- Limit your social distances to 10 feet from your phone.7.- Do not use your phone in public.8.- Never share your location or email address with anyone.9.- Never post personal information or social distancy signs to any public or private social media site.

To stay safe online and avoid being bullied, visit the SafeWeb, SafeWeb’s Community Safety Center, and the Online Safety Center.