How to market socialism without actually selling it

The latest issue of Vice Magazine features an article titled, How to Market Socialism Without Actually Selling It, which highlights the importance of understanding how socialism actually works in the real world. 

As Vice notes, the article outlines how “socialism doesn’t exist in the abstract.”

The key to understanding socialism in action, Vice’s editors argue, is to use the facts to make the case for a program that can be applied across the board to address a variety of social ills, including economic inequality.

The article, titled “The Truth About Socialism,” is available for $9.99. 

“It is a simple matter of knowing that the economic system is not a utopia,” the article reads.

“Instead, it’s a system that allows people to make choices that lead to inequality, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people will be happy.

We need to make it clear that socialism isn’t a panacea.

In the real life of a family, this means making decisions that allow everyone to have access to good, affordable food, health care, education, shelter, and other necessities.

It also means making sure that all the goods and services available to all the people have the resources to keep them healthy and prosperous.””

The Truth about Socialism” goes on to outline how to market a socialist program, including “the basic tenets of a socialist system” and “how to make sure that people get a fair shake in the system.”

The article goes on: “The key to making socialism work is understanding how it actually works, and understanding that the system is complex and dynamic.” 

The article also provides tips for how to build an “economic justice platform” that will appeal to an audience that might not be as familiar with the term “social justice.”

As Vice points out, socialism has “a long history” and, despite being “not a panaceas” is a “system that allows everyone to make decisions that lead them to inequality.”

This, the magazine adds, is “essential for socialism to be able to be a viable program.”

“Socialism doesn [only] exist in our abstract world, and that’s a fact that people have to acknowledge,” the magazine says.

“We need to use facts to explain how the system works and to create programs that actually work, without selling them. 

The best way to do this is to educate people.

If people are willing to learn, and learn how to understand, then socialism is a good way to make sense of the system and how to apply it to the world.” 

Vice, a progressive magazine founded by former Vice News employees, launched in 2009 and currently has more than 50,000 subscribers on its platform.