How to make a $30K donation for Hurricane Harvey relief

Posted October 13, 2018 04:12:33The social butterfly has a lot to offer.

A few days ago, a Houston-area woman called on the world to help her out.

It was the perfect way to help out in the face of devastating natural disasters and a humanitarian crisis. 

The call went viral.

It made her an instant star, a viral sensation.

She received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, a new life and a new hope for Harvey victims. 

But that’s not all.

The social Butterfly is also a great gift to the community.

A week ago, she was named one of the city’s most generous people.

This year, she’s given away over $20,000 in cash.

It’s not uncommon for people to give out money in the form of cash.

The Social Butterfly is one of them.

In fact, she is the one who has given more than $25,000 to the local Harvey relief fund in her lifetime.

Here’s a look at how the social butterfly helped her community.


She’s the most generous person you will ever meet. 

When the storm hit, Houston-based social butterfly Rebecca Kallen said she felt the need to reach out to the people in need.

Kallens mother, mother-in-law and friend are all from Houston. 

After receiving her call, Kalles heart broke.

“I was so overwhelmed and so sad,” she told NBC affiliate KHOU.

Her donation was made through the Houston Social Butterfly Fund, an organization that aims to help the citys poorest residents.

The Houston Foundation was also instrumental in getting Kallans donation.

Kallens mom, mom-in, in the news, now a Hurricane Harvey survivor.

Kalls donation was a huge hit and is being made possible through the generosity of Houston-Area Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, a non-profit that helps Houston residents in need through its Hurricane Harvey Fund. 

“I have so much gratitude for the Houston Foundation and the people who have given me so much love and support during this difficult time,” Kallendens mom said. 


She’s an active volunteer. 

Kallen, who was born and raised in Houston, said she had never given back to the city. 

For one, she had no idea what she wanted to do when she graduated high school.

She went to work and didn’t give a fuck. 

Now she works in a warehouse, but she is still involved in the community and volunteering her time. 


They’re a part of a new generation of social butterflies. 

Social butterflies are young people who are getting involved in helping people in the city in ways that most of us wouldn’t dream of. 

It’s a very unique experience and a great way to start a new career. 

One of the best things about the social Butterfly Fund is that it gives people a way to get out and volunteer.

It has been great to see her grow and expand her network of social butterfly friends. 


She is the most active person you’ll ever meet in your life. 

As a member of the Houston-Southern Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief Fund , Rebecca Kalla is active in helping Houston’s hardest hit areas, and she’s also making a difference in the world. 

According to KHOU, Kalla was selected as one of five social butterfly celebrities of the year for 2018 by the Houston Chronicle. 


They’re getting support. 

With their generous donation to the Houston social butterfly fund, Kallas mom has made a real difference in Houstons recovery. 

And now, her mom is helping the social butterflies in need by giving her own money to the Harvey relief effort.

 “It was so important to her, and to the entire Houston community,” her mom said, according to KHO. 


She has a great sense of humor. 

Even as she was getting all the help she could, Kalls mom was still able to take the time to joke about the whole situation. 

In a tweet, KAllen joked about how she had to go through a scary moment when she was looking at the news and saw the hashtag #KatrinaForever trending. 


This is such a big story and we’re all doing something great.” 


They are so supportive. 

Like any other Houston native, KALLEN had no clue that her donation would help so many. 

Then her mom called her to say that they were receiving donations from the Houston fund and would like to make sure she got some as well. 

So, she did. 


They’ve been to so many amazing shows. 

While the social media world was focused on the devastation in Houston and other areas, the Houston band, The Shivers, were on the road.

The band performed during Harvey and has

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