How to find the right social media ad, and why you should read the fine print

By JEFFREY TUTMAN, AP Social media is a growing force in the world.

And that’s because it’s a great place to connect with people.

But a social media platform has a downside.

Ads are often paid for by advertisers.

But it’s not always clear how much money these ads are actually costing.

And it’s hard to tell how much advertisers are actually spending on these ads.

We spoke with two social media advertisers, Ryan and David, who say they pay out around $20 to $25 a pop for social media content.

That’s the money they get when they buy the ads that appear on your timeline.

They say they don’t have to pay any extra.

Ryan and Dave have been active in social media since they were teenagers, and they said that they first started getting into social media in 2012.

In 2014, they launched their own social media business called Ryan and D’Agostino, which now owns more than 2 million followers on Instagram and Facebook.

“We were the first social media marketing business to actually get into the social media space,” said Ryan, who runs Ryan and Daves Social Media Agency in San Francisco.

Ryan, an American born in Los Angeles, and Dave, who lives in the Philippines, met while studying abroad in college.

Both said that social media has become a much more mainstream and accepted way to connect.

Ryan says his firm does around 70 to 80 percent of its work on social media, and that’s why they’ve been able to get more exposure and become the go-to source for many of their clients.

But in this age of “trending,” and the increasing popularity of apps like Snapchat and Instagram, Ryan says they want to offer a different approach to their clients’ social media strategy.

“Social media is still an incredibly valuable and valuable tool for our clients,” he said.

Ryan says he uses a social marketing agency to create content, but he’s not shy about telling his clients to follow the rules. “

But we have to be careful because it can be quite dangerous and it can lead to scams and it might lead to fraud.”

Ryan says he uses a social marketing agency to create content, but he’s not shy about telling his clients to follow the rules.

He says his company also helps clients target their ads based on a number of different factors, like location, the type of social media profile they’re using, and the number of followers that a particular brand has on Instagram.

“I think it helps a lot,” he says.

“Because we’re able to really narrow down who we’re targeting based on the type and amount of social platforms that we have.”

Ryan and Daniella Agostino started Ryan and Agostinos Social Media Marketing Agency in 2014.

The Agostines say they aim to reach out to a large number of people with each campaign.

They also offer a social influencer strategy that lets them target and connect with brands with a wide variety of social profiles.

“When we do that, we’re also able to reach a lot of people who may not be as familiar with the platform, or perhaps they’re not as familiar at all with our clients’ brand, but we’re definitely able to connect them,” said Agostini.

“That’s what I think is the key difference with our service.”

Ryan’s clients include some of the world’s biggest brands like Nike, Ford, McDonald’s, and Amazon.

“They’re just all so passionate about their brands and so excited about the social platform and social influencers,” he added.

Ryan is also working on developing a social platform that’s tailored for each individual brand, and which he calls the “Social Engine.”

He says it will have a few different aspects: It’ll be a place to manage social posts and social media activity; It’ll allow brands to share content, like videos, photos, and other types of content; and it’ll allow them to make recommendations on how to improve their social media performance.

Ryan said he has a few ideas for the social engine.

“One is just to allow brands the ability to make it very easy for you to do a recommendation on how you can improve your social media presence,” he explained.

“It’s going to be something that allows brands to get their recommendations from one place and give you the information they need.”

Ryan said that the social Engine is being developed for “a very specific set of clients,” and he’s currently working on a tool that allows his clients “to use their social accounts to show their brands to the world.”

Ryan has also been working on his own product, which he hopes will be ready in the coming months.

Ryan’s social media account has more than 8 million followers, and he said that he’s also planning to open up more accounts and launch new products.

But for now, he says that his clients are still coming to him with their concerns about social media.

“A lot of my clients are like, ‘Can you please explain to me what the difference

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