How to Create a Social Media Crowdfund for Bernie Sanders

A social media fundraising campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is gaining steam as the campaign approaches its end of the month.

The Sanders campaign has raised more than $10 million since March.

The campaign has been using a crowdsourcing tool called Crowdpac to raise money for the effort.

The platform allows individuals to create an account on Crowdpac and contribute funds to the campaign.

Users can choose to fund the campaign or contribute to the project they are participating in.

The campaigns campaign website offers a link to create a Crowdpac account and details about the process.

Here’s how to create your account and contribute to a campaign: 1.

Go to Crowdpac 2.

Choose a username and password.


Select “Pay With Crowdpac” 4.

Select a pledge amount and check the “Yes” box to activate the account.


The account will be credited with the funds you have pledged.

Once the account has been activated, you will receive an email alert that says “Your contribution has been credited to your account.

You can now use your Crowdpac payment to buy a Bernie Sanders T-shirt or other items from the Sanders campaign.”


The Bernie Sanders campaign website has a number of ways you can contribute to its campaign.

There is a “Donate Now” button that allows you to donate money directly to the Sanders or Democratic National Committee.

You are also able to contribute through other social media channels, like Facebook.

You may also be able to create individual accounts to help with fundraising.

The site also has a page where you can buy merchandise, such as hats and t-shirts.


Once you have a CrowdPac account, you can then make donations.

In order to do this, the account holder will need to create at least $10,000 in total contributions.

Each contribution is limited to $25.

Crowdpac also provides a “pledge amount” section for each contribution.

This allows for individuals to contribute up to $10 per $1,000 of funds.

For example, if you make a $5,000 contribution and then have $5 pledged for the campaign, you could be contributing $5 per $5.

If the campaign raises $20,000, you are contributing $30 per $10.8.

If a donation is $2,000 and $5 are pledged, you would have to pledge $15 per $2.5.

That’s why it’s important to use the Crowdpac system wisely.

While some supporters are opting to give through Crowdpac, it’s best to contribute to Sanders’ campaign in a way that will allow him to reach out to the most important members of his own party, such androids and millennials.

The Crowdpac platform also allows users to set up automatic payments through PayPal, which are a good option for supporters that are looking to make a major donation.

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