How do we know social anxiety is getting worse?

People with social anxiety have higher levels of social anxiety, but they also have higher rates of anti-social behaviour, according to research from the Australian National University.

The study looked at more than 17,000 adults in Australia.

It found social anxiety and anti- social behaviour was a common concern for people with social phobia, with nearly two thirds reporting that they or someone in their family had experienced it.

There was no difference between people with and without social anxiety.

Dr Sue Gwynne, a lecturer in mental health at the University of Melbourne, said it was important to consider that the results might be an underestimation of the prevalence of social phobias.

“The fact that people with more social anxiety tend to be more socially isolated is also an important finding,” she said.

“It’s important that people are aware that the research shows that people who have more social phobic tendencies are also more socially disconnected and less socially engaged with others.”

So we need to understand why they do that.

“I think we know that social phobe are more socially disengaged, more disconnected, more isolated and less connected with their friends and community.”

Dr Gwynnes said that the study could help people who had previously felt isolated and isolated themselves in the workplace, because it showed that the impact of social isolation was felt more intensely in the face of other social phos.

She said people who suffered from social anxiety might be at risk of being isolated in their own workplaces.

The University of Queensland study is published in the Australian Journal of Psychiatry.

It follows a report by the World Health Organisation that social anxiety disorder was the most common mental health disorder in Australia in 2015.

A similar survey published in December found nearly one in four people suffering from social phobos did not seek treatment, and the majority had no clear reason for not doing so.

More than two thirds of respondents reported that they had experienced some form of social exclusion in the past year.

About a quarter of those who reported having suffered social exclusion reported being physically or sexually assaulted, while more than a third had been physically or psychologically threatened.

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