How a single mom’s passion for health and well-being led her to make health care a full-time job

MARYLAND (CBSDC) — It’s a job with a name that will change lives.

That’s the message Mary Jane Stahl has for her daughter, who is making the transition from a full time daycare worker to a full daycare teacher.

The family’s story begins nearly 30 years ago.

The Stahl family, a couple who worked full time in a grocery store in suburban Maryland, was struggling to make ends meet.

The job wasn’t paying enough.

The store didn’t have enough hours to offer full-daycare programs.

Mary Jane’s mother worked nights and weekends.

It wasn’t a great situation, but it was a job, and a good one, for Mary Jane.

She got a job as a receptionist, then worked nights to keep her parents going.

It was a good job, but the job was no longer a fulltime job.

“We had been through the Great Recession and I had no savings, so we decided to sell the house we owned to pay the bills and go on a cruise,” Mary Jane recalls.

“I decided I wanted to teach preschool and I wanted a full‑time job.”

In 1996, the Stahls bought a three-bedroom home in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

They knew the area was full of families who needed a place to live.

They decided to open a daycare center in the small town of Woodlawn in Anne Arundel County, a little over an hour away from Baltimore.

They wanted to provide a full service, providing quality preschool for all the kids, while also giving parents the opportunity to help their kids learn.

“When we bought the house, we just wanted to be able to have our own little piece of land and it just seemed to fit into that plan,” says Mary Jane, who now lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with her husband and their daughter.

Mary and her husband both attended college in college in Maryland.

The couple had no money to save and were broke.

But they were determined to take care of their daughter and their family.

They built a small home for their daughter’s preschool and decided to call it Mary Jane’s Daycare.

MaryJane, who has since turned 65, worked at the daycare for seven years, and eventually moved to her current job.

The new job was much different than the one she had before.

“At the beginning of the year, the school year, we were still in daycare and all of a sudden the day care had a full­time teacher and we were able to keep our kids in the program,” MaryJane says.

“It just felt like a different world to me,” she says.

“I felt like I was working in a different time.

It’s not a day­care that’s just there for parents, it’s a day care that is there for the whole family.”

Mary Jane now teaches preschool and kindergarten at the Stalchuck Elementary School.

Her daughter, Maddy, now attends the same school.

She says she has seen a lot of positive changes in her daughter’s life as she has become a teacher.

“She’s been able to go from a little kid to an adult, a mother to a wife and now to a teacher,” Maddy says.

MaryAnne says her daughter is now in the fifth grade.

Maddy and Maddy’s husband have a new job, a teaching position, and Maddie has her own preschool.

It makes for a busy day.

But, she says, they are very happy.

“You know how it feels to have all these kids,” Maddies mother says.

It’s been a great job for Maddy.

Her preschool teacher, Mary Anne, has been very supportive of her, and they have seen a change in the way their daughter behaves.

“She is very outgoing and she has been able with this job to get her grades up,” MADDIE says.

For Maddy Stahl, it was all about the money.

“It was like I’m going from daycare to daycare,” she explains.

But it wasn’t always easy.

Mary Anne says she didn’t think she was ready for the change.

“When we started doing this job, I just didn’t know how to be comfortable with it,” she recalls.

“And when I started to go back to school, I couldn’t afford to stay.”

Mary Anne’s husband and daughter moved back in with the Stals, and she found herself in the same position.

“That was a challenge for me,” Mary Anne says.

Maddy’s mother had just turned 50 and was trying to find a way to pay for the day­ care.

MADDIES mother tried to take her daughter to the hospital, but they couldn’t get her to the ER.

“They couldn’t take her to a doctor for a diagnosis, they couldn´t take her out of the hospital for a diagnostic,” MADIE says,

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