Fox News hosts claim ‘no truth’ when Trump criticizes Obama’s health care plan

Fox News host Sean Hannity and Fox Business host Stuart Varney claimed on Wednesday that “no truth” is to be found in the president’s attack on President Barack Obama’s new health care law.

On Tuesday, Trump said that Obama’s plan was “one of the worst things that’s ever happened to the American worker,” after the president signed a sweeping bill into law in April that rolled back many of Obama’s signature health care policies.

The president had previously said that the law “will do more to hurt the middle class than it will help.”

On Wednesday, Hannity and Varney said that “there’s no truth to that,” and added that it was “absurd” to suggest that the president “is just lying about it.”

“I don’t think there is any truth to it,” Hannity said.

“There is no truth.

It’s a lie.

It is a lie.”

In fact, Varney argued, the law is “one among many” of Obamas “socialized medicine” schemes.

Hannity, who was in the audience for the Fox News broadcast, also claimed that Trump was “lying to the people” when he claimed that Obama had “saved Medicare.”

“There’s no question in my mind, if you look at what the president did, it saved Medicare.

It saved Medicare,” Hannity told the hosts.

“And by the way, he saved Medicare for all of us.

It was never a choice for him to do that.””

And the people who want to go to the White House and say, ‘I didn’t know you could save Medicare for the people of the United States,’ there’s no way you can,” Hannity continued.

“That’s a complete lie.

He did.

He saved Medicare.”

Hannish also noted that Trump had not “said anything at all” about the law’s cost and the fact that its effect on the middle-class has been “striking.”

“No, we haven’t heard him talk about it.

No, we’ve not heard him say that,” Hannity concluded.

“It’s striking, it’s shocking.

But it’s not a lie, it is truth.

That’s the way it is.”

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