Facebook to expand its ‘social distanced’ shirt to cover new ‘social icons’

Facebook will soon be offering “social icons” that are “invisible” to most people, but can be used by users to display status updates or social links.

The company has already begun rolling out this feature to the newsfeed of a few users, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying that the company’s product team was “very excited” about it.

This is in addition to other new features that will be added in the next few weeks, such as the ability to hide posts, remove the Facebook app, and the ability for users to opt-in to Facebook’s “Find Friends” feature.

Facebook says that these features will be available for all users, but not just those who choose to opt in to Facebook “Find friends.”

The company says that “social distances” will also be available in “a few more weeks.”

What does this mean for Facebook’s users?

The social distancing feature was designed to make it easier for users and other users to manage their social media presence in a way that will not interfere with the work of other people.

Zuckerberg says that this feature is intended for those who want to be more visible in their social networks.

However, users will have the option of not using it.

“If you want to use social distances, we recommend you stay away from it, because they’ll be harder to find,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook’s social distanced feature is not available for Android or iOS.

However the company said that the feature will be rolled out to desktop users on March 1, and will be “coming soon” to the web.

It’s unclear how Facebook plans to roll out the feature to users who are not on a mobile network.